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Hold on tight

It’s good to take a moment and realize how blessed you really are. With the day to day routine and the little problems that arise it’s hard to see sometimes. It happens to pretty much everyone. Especially if you’re in a hard spot, things can seem to be piling up without end and you are having a hard time dealing and seeing the silver lining. 

It’s hard though, when some of these difficult and hurtful means are coming from someone you love on top of the other struggles. Even when they know you’re down and say they didn’t mean it. It’s easier to take things from people you never even knew, but when it’s someone you love and hold dear, it’s a harder time… Try and rid your life of unneeded stresses and pain, there’s no complete deletion though there’s always going to be downs sometimes. 

But after some hard thinking and time, try and push it all aside and smile. It may hurt at first but after a while you get the hang of it. 

Life’s too short to be down for too long. Look up and see how blessed you really are.

Hold on tight, it’s going to be a long one. xx

Make a wish

You can wish all you want but unless you put this wish into action, sweetie, it’s less likely to come true. xx


Let's have a drink tonight.


.. What?


Yeah we could watch a movie and eat junk food.



. . .

Later that night

. . .




*Drinking alone.

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